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For inclusive teams and organisations.

Savania offers advice, guidance, training, coaching, and bespoke help to leaders, teams, and organisations that seek to promote and improve diversity, representation, equity, and inclusivity in their culture, products, and services.   

Advice & Guidance

Savania offers senior leaders and managers strategic advice on how to develop and foster inclusive cultures. He also helps organisations assess where they are on their DEI journey and develop business strategies underpinned by inclusivity, sustainability, and social good. 

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Many culture and DEI strategies never go anywhere.  They hold space until the next strategy, then the next. Real change requires action. It requires implementation. 

Savania can come into your organisation and work with your project/programme team to develop and carry out tangible actions to develop and promote a great culture anchored on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 

Training & Coaching

Savania designs and delivers training and development sessions for leaders, managers, and employees. He offers a wide range of topics including his LACE framework, psychological safety, microaggressions, etc. He also runs and facilitates workshops on culture and DEI. 

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Explore All Services

Find out all the services Savania can offer your organisation or team and get a quote.

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