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Comprehensive Framework for Boosting Diversity and Inclusion in Organisations and Teams

This comprehensive framework will help you implement sustainable, long-lasting cultural change that will result in more diverse and inclusive organisations and teams.

The R Project has published a new, comprehensive framework for boosting diversity and inclusion in organisations and teams.

The Learn, Act, Celebrate (LACE) Framework is a simple tool for embedding organisational culture change to become more diverse and inclusive. The framework is versatile and can be used by organisations of any size - from large international organisations to small teams.

The framework splits the necessary work needed to embed a sustainable, long-term cultural change into three simple elements: Learning, Actions, and Celebration. The three categories are further split into a Five Grid Matrix, a tool that provides more details for implementation.

​The Framework is great for managers and leaders of organisations that are looking to boost their diversity and inclusion, as well as diversity and inclusion professionals looking for an edge and professionals interested in learning how they can make a difference.


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